18 Great Contemporary Gardens

My favourite type of garden falls into the contemporary design category and there are plenty of high end

My favourite type of garden falls into the contemporary design category and there are plenty of high end designers that offer a service to design you a fresh looking garden style hot spot. Not limited to one country they span all climates and altitudes, even some on roof tops but they all make a statement and wow the viewers. One thing that a lot of these gardens have in common is the use of planted areas segregated from paving or other soil and flower pots. They are used to frame and make a feature of the plantations within and work really well.

I decided to get together a collection of some of the nicest ones I could find and show you what I found and seen before you is the result. Have a look and see what you think, which garden is your favourite

Have a look at some metal planters for contemporary gardens in this post I wrote

There’s some pretty interesting planters to decorate doorways in this article I wrote too

Contemporary garden look great with built in planters, have a look at the article I wrote on it

What better way to lead into a modern garden than to create a feature path. See some inspiration here

This garden has a firepit in it as a main feature. I wrote an article about them with plenty of inspiration for you so have a look



Claremont Road: modern Garden by Will Eckersley


Design Rulz

Small urban garden: modern Garden by Ruth Willmott
A Garden for Entertaining in: minimalistic Garden by Charlesworth Design
Traditional Garden - Decked Seating Area: country Garden by Unique Landscapes
Terrace with furniture: modern Garden by Gardenplan Design
​Back garden at Bedford Gardens House. : modern Garden by Nash Baker Architects Ltd
Brackenbury House: modern Garden by Neil Dusheiko Architects
Contemporary Garden Design by London Based Garden Designer Josh Ward: modern Garden by Josh Ward Garden Design
Outdoor Room: modern Garden by Borrowed Space
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