A set of steps can be as boring or as exciting as you like and a great way to liven them up with with foliage.

buxus pots line steps

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The nature of a step is that it will be thin so the size of your pot will likely be quite small but that doesn’t mean it will be insignificant

By using foliage with lots of volume you can increase the visual impact of the of the pot without pushing it to the edge or making it unstable

copper pots on steps


You can also use the pots to light or guide the way up a difficult path. Some pots come with light up function though depending on your taste and style you may find this not to your liking.


The shelf like function of a step is a great opportunity to show off your green fingers and be sure that people will see them. It’s often a missed opportunity to bring life to a forgotten feature so give it a go.

muted grey planters on steps


small flower pots on wooden stairs


small terracota pots on steps

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