There isn’t anything much more idyllic than a summers evening sitting outside and enjoying the night with someone special, and looking into it there seems to be a theme. The Danes have something called hygge which basically means cosy and this is a style in it’s own right. I have collected a few images that show off this cosy environment. The soft furnishing of a picnic blanket and wild look of the planting make for a relaxed and welcoming setting.

We all want to live in a house with nice views and good weather and to make the most of that we should probably throw in the desire for a outdoor space with a swimming pool as well. Some lucky or hard working people in the world have managed to achieve this goal and for our viewing pleasure have been kind enough to let us experience a bit of their dream by showing photos on the net. I have collected just a few stunning example of swimming pools with views that I personally swoon over and I hope that you too feel the same.

I like to keep creative and today I felt like drawing cartoon characters. The proportions of cartoons is much exaggerated from reality so it is potentially an interesting area where you can learn and understand form and proportiona bit differently. I would love to create my own range of characters but for now I’ll just stick to drawing and sketching well known animals and creatures. Does anyone have any requests?