Concrete designer and interior craftsman Daniel Wanat is the owner of ‘Living Concrete’, a company specialising in decorative concrete design. They have some stunning work on their portfolio and the quality really stands out.

There is a new TV show on Channel 4 that goes by the name of ‘Inside Out Home’. The series follows the development of 2 houses per episode that are the brain child of architect Zack Monro.

The concept is that we redesign our homes and living space to bring the outside in and vice versa and when you see the results you will very much agree with the philosophy.

It is easy to create some style with not a lot of space and my fiance is great at it so I took the chance to photograph some on the flower pots that we have around the flat and see if I can create a bit of a feel.

Please excuse the dead lavendar, we have tried too much water,too little and just the right amount but clearly we have offended each one as this plant does not like us. Still it looks good for a week in the flower pot whilst it’s alive.