First impressions count and as such you ideally want the entrance to your pride and joy house to be something that impresses and leaves a positive memory. There are plenty of ways we can do this but a lot depends on what we have to work with. For most that will mean a pretty standard house with limited space so lets ignore the brief of reality and have a look at some entrances that have been designed with a blank sheet of paper.

In 1961 Arne Jacobsen beat the rest of the competition to design the Danish national bank in Copenhagen. This clock you see before you  is known as the bankers clock because it was first introduced to the world as the clock that stands proud in the 20 metre high lobby of the national bank of Denmark. So not only did he design the Bank but he also had foresight to use the National Bank to promote his own product which was a stroke of genius that has helped the bankers clock reach a design icon status.

Beautiful Rose Garden Design Ideas

We’ve all wanted a bed of roses, but end up putting this task off because of a lot of considerations that may be a little more than the usual. There’s actually a few tricks you can apply if you’re planning on starting your rose garden, like using organic fertilizer, making location considerations, down to selecting the perfect flower combinations.

To jumpstart your research, here are some ideas when starting your rose garden.