3D File Download

Thanks for coming through to my 3d file download page. You are free to use these for the purpose of design simulation but please do not reproduce them and please credit them. I have spent many years, a lot of money and put my family through a lot to develop the range so I would really appreciate it.

Many thanks from Adam and the rest of the family 🙂

Kronen Bowl 3D File

Kronen Bowl is my widest and lowest concrete planter coming in at just over 1 metre wide. It is a great low planter for a striking statement feature.

Kronen 90 3D File

Kronen 90 is the tallest concrete planter I currently produce and was designed as an elegant and proud version of the Kronen and Prisme range. It is a great planter for framing doorways or lining a path and enables a raised planting height.

Kronen 65 3D File

Kronen 65 is a large concrete planter that uses it's faceted sides to create a striking and different planter. It is a medium height flower pot and looks great when lit up with the strong angles catching the light.

Prisme 3D File

Prisme is the largest volume concrete planter that I currently produce and is the same fold pattern as the Kronen range but has a more flared top. This makes it great for commercial or large areas where a big feature is needed to decorate the landscape.

Femkant 3D File

Femkant is the smallest of the concrete planters that I make and is most different to the rest of the range. It is a nice little faceted planter for a low setting to set the mood but not dominate.