Contemporary garden design is big now and there are people the world over implementing their own style. It is amazing how many designers can input their own touch on garden design and it stand out as uniquely them.
When looking for images for this article I was looking for designs that echoed the straight lines of modern English designers like Charlotte Rowe but what I found was many different styles, all that I liked but all a bit different.

Planters, as I often preach, are a great way to do so many things in the garden. Not only do they allow you to plant in places you can’t usually but they vary the height of foliage, add colour to a design and can make a focal point which is crucial to a successful garden design.

Rosemary Coldstream is a successful, award winning garden designer with many projects to her name. She started her company in 2006 and offers design services from small village courtyards to urban roof top terraces so I had a look at some of her work.

Having had a great response from kronen and prisme  I wanted to extend the range to encompass a design that lent it self more to standing in a pair either side of a doorway. I took the same shape as the other two contemporary planters and increased it’s height while narrowing the frame. The result is a very elegant and slender design that gives more opportunity for the use of the range.  Kronen 90 tall contemporary planter

After a long lead time for the poor customer due to supplier letting me down he finally got the Eggs I promised him which will adorn his garden next year.

The process started earlier this year when I was contacted and asked to make 2 Egg scupltures and supply 4 planters. It was a great order but I had no planters to offer anymore and don’t make the Eggs anymore. Having given up my manufacturing facilities I no longer had anywhere to make them. A problem made even more acute by the fact he wanted 2 1 meter wide ones and the side gate to my parents house is 80cm.

In September 2016 both myself and the studio that I work with to produce my planters exhibited at GLEE Birmingham. Every year they have a competition for new products and as Kronen 65 has been remoulded to a high standard and relaunched it seemed like a great opportunity to enter it for some publicity.

Concrete designer and interior craftsman Daniel Wanat is the owner of ‘Living Concrete’, a company specialising in decorative concrete design. They have some stunning work on their portfolio and the quality really stands out.

There is a new TV show on Channel 4 that goes by the name of ‘Inside Out Home’. The series follows the development of 2 houses per episode that are the brain child of architect Zack Monro.

The concept is that we redesign our homes and living space to bring the outside in and vice versa and when you see the results you will very much agree with the philosophy.

It is easy to create some style with not a lot of space and my fiance is great at it so I took the chance to photograph some on the flower pots that we have around the flat and see if I can create a bit of a feel.

Please excuse the dead lavendar, we have tried too much water,too little and just the right amount but clearly we have offended each one as this plant does not like us. Still it looks good for a week in the flower pot whilst it’s alive.

We usually associate blue swimming pools, contemporary garden terraces, and sea views with tropical islands or Mediterranean resorts. Perhaps you would not expect turquoise outdoor swimming pools and jacuzzi’s lined with stylish planters and tropical flowers over looking a sun kissed ocean in Scandinavia? 

Bamboo in recent years has become a much more popular choice for gardens in northern Europe as it offer fast growing and dense foliage at a low price.  There are various different types available and you should do your research before you buy as some can be pretty viral and take over you garden.