Earlier in the year I got a phone call from an Irish designer asking if I was interested in having my pots on his show stand. I hadn’t heard of the show before as it was’t in England but after a little research I found out that Bloom In The Park Garden Show was a pretty nice affair and so decided that it was worth a punt. The Pots had to be painted bright orange to match a sponsors colours which was actually pretty close to the colour of the rust effect that I do.

It’s nice when people like my work and when that love comes from inside the family it’s a bit special. Last year my wife told me that my farther in law secretly really wanted one of my pots but as they are made externally and I pay a lot for shipping he didn’t want to ask for one. Luckily he gave us a lot of help last year with our wedding and moving house so I thought he had earned himself a good Christmas present.

Every now and then I get customers sending through pictures of the gardens and pots and the other day a very happy and lovely customer sent some pictures of her 3 pots sitting on her newly completed river side deck.


I think she has done a great job and the setting is very idyllic so I’m looking forward getting down there to see them and enjoy a cup of tea on the terrace.

When we don’t have earth to plant our flowers in we can still use planters to container the foliage. There are more reason to do this than because of a lack of soiled ground. The soil is chosen by us so can be better quality than the stuff we are given in our gardens. In fact many garden owners that live in areas with bad soil choose planter gardens to compliment regular gardens so they can grow more variety of plants.

I’ve collected a few examples of planters both small and large so you can see if there is anything that you might find interesting, see what you think.

One of the perks of having a flat is that the height can be above everyone else. When living in flats I have always made sure that I am up on the top or near top floor so I get a view, sadly never had a penthouse though. These lucky people have though and they have kindly posted pictures of their glorious terrace setups for us all to enjoy.

First impressions count and as such you ideally want the entrance to your pride and joy house to be something that impresses and leaves a positive memory. There are plenty of ways we can do this but a lot depends on what we have to work with. For most that will mean a pretty standard house with limited space so lets ignore the brief of reality and have a look at some entrances that have been designed with a blank sheet of paper.

In 1961 Arne Jacobsen beat the rest of the competition to design the Danish national bank in Copenhagen. This clock you see before you  is known as the bankers clock because it was first introduced to the world as the clock that stands proud in the 20 metre high lobby of the national bank of Denmark. So not only did he design the Bank but he also had foresight to use the National Bank to promote his own product which was a stroke of genius that has helped the bankers clock reach a design icon status.

Beautiful Rose Garden Design Ideas

We’ve all wanted a bed of roses, but end up putting this task off because of a lot of considerations that may be a little more than the usual. There’s actually a few tricks you can apply if you’re planning on starting your rose garden, like using organic fertilizer, making location considerations, down to selecting the perfect flower combinations.

To jumpstart your research, here are some ideas when starting your rose garden.

Having spent a lot of time of the past few years looking at gardens and design I have noticed that by far and away the most fashionable of colours is purple. There are many flowers that produce the attractive colour and the theme often seems to be to break up the monotone green and grey of formal gardens with a modest splash of colour.

Purple is often associated with regal origins and you will notice that in company logos the ones that go for purple are the ones selling premium or at least trying to give that impression. Luck would have it as well that green is only one shade away from purple’s complimentary colour of yellow so over all it works brilliantly for those who want a stylish and elegant garden that is restrained but colourful.

Space is at a real premium in England and building new houses just hasn’t happened enough in recent years. Our normal houses have never been big in comparison to our European friends but our desires for large and more stylish homes is thankfully increasing. This leaves us with a problem though in that we have a small house and want to upscale but moving to a bigger house is unaffordable because demand outstrips supply and space is at a premium in the areas we want to live. The answer is some very creative and interesting architectural solutions, some of which I have sourced some pictures of to give you some ideas for your own place.

More often than not I get mails from customers saying that they like my work because it is different and the reason for that is the majority of planters out there are boxes. There are a few reasons why most are boxes;

  • Cheap to produce
  • Versitile design
  • Tesselation
  • Inoffensive

When boxes aren’t bought ‘off the shelf’ they are often made because there is a space that needs filling and a custom box needs making to fill it. I have gathered a few different pictures of box planters, tapered planters and some alternatives to give you some ideas for simple solutions to specific needs.

The garden is a place we all enjoy and so a good design focus on the area is important. Some choose to go a contemporary route while other feel that is cold and take a more bohemian influence. I like both but feel they both suit different moods. A chilled and cosy vibe for bohemia and a posher more formal feel for contemporary. Either way lets look at some examples and in some cases see how the 2 work together.

Feeling inspired after last weeks post on Patios I decided to do another one on tasty garden designs and found myself 10 that I thought worth mentioning to you. They vary, like always, in budget and size so there is something for everyone and all have ideas that can be used on any project. The dream one day for me is to build a house and some of these just make me want that more.

We all love a good patio and some of us can only dream of have someone come in and design one especially for us. We all have different spaces and different budget but today I’m paying no attention to either those and just picking out some damn nice spaces.

Whether the garden in 10 times bigger or 10 time small than some of these designs is irrelevant, there can always be inspiration in something so have a look through and see if you can come up with some ideas for your own patio space.


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