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Femkant Garden Planter, White Concrete 68cm x 65cm x 48cm

As with all the AC flower pot range the names were derived from the Danish language and Femkant was no different as it means pentagon in the Viking state.

The pentagonal design is made from triangles that tessellate all the way round and to add a more interesting dimension I tapered the bottom in to give the pot a lightness to it.

Constructed from architectural fibre concrete Femkant is a strong and durable product that has been designed for indoor or outdoor use.

Femkant is available is 3 colours for different needs and the white concrete gives a cleaner, more uniform tone than the grey or rust which helps it match ultra simplistic design environments.


W-685 MM, H-480 MM, D-650 MM

Weight Est 30kg

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The Femkant garden planter is available in 3 colours, grey concrete, white concrete and rust stained concrete. All are fibre reinforced and thus very durable and suitable for either interior or exterior use.

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Dimensions 68 x 65 x 48 cm


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