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  • medium height large concrete planter. Modern faceted origami design

Kronen 65 Flower Pot, Grey Concrete 74 x 74 x 66cm

Kronen 65 Flowerpot is an origami-inspired geometric planter that offers designers and architects an uncompromising modern style and uncompromising material.

The warm grey concrete crown flowerpot gives a rustic and robust appearance, which completes the organic planting inside beautifully. When grey concrete is made, it has different shades of grey, which is why it is so much loved by architects and designers. There are natural defects in the colour of the material, which help it to blend in with its surroundings. The very geometric and precise form seems to reinforce the effect of the rustic concrete feeling and the cooperation between the two is very good.

The planter is made of architectural fibre concrete and is therefore strong and durable for outdoor and indoor use.


W-740 MM, H-660 MM, D-740 MM (NB See image diagram)

Weight Est 70kg

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Kronen 65 in grey concrete is very trendy at the moment. The simple material is on the wish list of many architects and hopefully you can see it in your own project or design proposal. The fibre-reinforced material makes the planter strong and durable and suitable for indoor and outdoor use.


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Dimensions 74 x 74 x 66 cm