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  • medium height large concrete planter. Modern faceted origami design

Kronen 65 Flower Pot, Grey Concrete 74 x 74 x 66cm

Derived from the Danish word for ‘the crown’, the Kronen flower pot is an origami inspired, geometric planter that offers uncompromised modern style and material to designers and architects.

The warm grey concrete Kronen flower pot gives a rustic and rugged look that complements the organic plantation within beautifully. The nature in which concrete cures means that you get a tonally variable finish to the surface making it blend in with its surroundings. Having the very geometric and precise shape seems to enhance the effect of the rustic concrete feel and together they cooperates well.

The planter is made from architectural fibre concrete so is strong and durable for exterior or interior use.


W-740 MM, H-660 MM, D-740 MM (NB See image diagram)

Weight Est 70kg

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Kronen Tall in grey concrete is very on trend at the moment. The stark material is on architects wish list and combined with the geometric form you can hopefully see the designs in your project. With the material fibre reinforced the planter is strong and durable and suitable for interior or exterior use.


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Dimensions 74 x 74 x 66 cm