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geometric concrete planter makes a nice modern design
  • geometric concrete planter makes a nice modern design
  • extra large modern concrete planter
  • large modern concrete geometric flower pot
  • large modern concrete planter
  • Large concrete planter in a geometric form with faceted edges. modern design for architects and designers
  • large geometric planter
  • modern concrete planter

Prisme Planter Grey Concrete, 80 x 80 x 65.5cm

Prisme is the largest of the contemporary flower pot range coming in at 80cm at the top. With a sturdy base it is an excellent choice for making a striking feature in an architectural environment with a large, geometric form. Prisme flower pot comes in 2 different colours and is seen here in the rustic warm grey concrete

It shares it's design DNA with the Kronen range and is made from a strong and durable architectural fibre concrete meaning it is suitable for a wide range of applications.