Interior landscaping is something that many of us will never have to worry about but for large buildings like hotels, shopping centres and corporate head quarters they often have large foyers or atrium’s that can feel a bit empty. Sure there is something impressive about a large emtpy space but there is something welcoming about filling that space with some life. That is where interior landscapes come in and as you will see they can span from inbuilt ponds to just nicely scattered flower pots.

interior landscape courtyard


Different venues have different freedom and space. This space was a designers dream as full sized trees have been installed and completely transform the feel of the vintage atrium. The impressive symmetrical design makes the once empty space a pleasant environment for a meal or coffee and gives that alfresco feel while remaining dry and inside

Huge interior landscape space

noble woodlandscapes

On a much smaller scale but utilising the space available this design has looked at how much room is actually needed for the thoroughfare and allocated the remaining to foliage.

interior landscape design along walk way

great northern services

Again this large atrium space has been given a different feel with the addition of seating and foliage. Less impressive than the first design this looks to seat the user amongst the foliage and not over power them in jungle.

Aerial interior landscape view of foyer

premier plantscapes

When there is a large atrium with predictable or limited traffic, one has the opportunity to fill the remaining space with something interesting. In this case there has been added various different plantings and sculptures which really bring the area to life. At night as well this sort of design really comes into it’s own with uplighting being able to highlight details that would otherwise not be there.

Atrium interior landscape design

ambius indoor plants

Not all interior landscape designs have to be commercial, there are some lucky souls that have worked hard enough to be able to afford a house big enough to sport the space. This very contemporary house entrance welcomes the owners with light and foliage in a minimal way but it gives a jungle cave sort of feel.

Contemporary interior landscape design


This restaurant is a great example of how the landscape doesn’t need to be hard fixed into the ground. Just placing some large planters around can work just as well, if not better and this dining room is given varied height and diners privacy as they eat. Like the atrium design further up it gives an alfresco dining feel while remaining dry and warm.

What is often seen is that the landscape architect designer can let loose a little more and use plantations that would not typically suit the geography of the surrounding area. Because the plants will be contained and not subject to frost and damaging weather conditions they can use more tropical plants.

interior landscape seperating wall

australian interior landscapes




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