Although concrete, my pots often fall into the same category as ceramics and could be called concrete ceramics. That’s a bit of a contradiction though. Ceramics is a category of art that is very popular and the practical use of a ceramic vessel is irrelevant in many cases, it’s all about the form. My own work tries to strike a balance between the 2, offering an interesting a challenging form that is still usable. Let’s check out some inspiration of the smaller variety and see if we can’t get you with your hands dirty.

Our dream minimalist ceramic vase with a touch of the rustic and wabi-sabi..

These simple vases are charming for their irregularity and dripping glaze. Often with ceramics it’s the human touch which makes the work so appealing. These aren’t a specific designer but they do evoke the feel of a human artistic touch.

Shunichi Yabe (1968 - ) akatsuki, bizen

Shunichi Yabe

Yabe is a known Japanese ceramicist and often works in this geometric abstract style that reminds me of Picasso. I think it’s great how he has managed to take a painting style and turn it into a 3d form.

Today’s chawan - green ware - 生 . #akirasatakeceramics #akirasatake #clay #pottery #陶芸 #陶芸家 #茶碗…

Akira Satake 

Akira has a rough style that I like in form but the colours not so much. The forms seem to be post produced to get this wet and sloppy look to them that can’t be achieved in turning. This one looks loose and artistic with a freeness of brush strokes.


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Pieke Bergmans

I like these for their funkiness. They have an almost animalistic feel to them, like worms poking their heads out of the soil, allbeit deflated and withered worms.

Terracotta DIY


Though these are not art ceramics I like the way they take the classic pot and give it a twist. The proportion play gives each one a character and lined up next to each other they look like different characters.


Jan Bilek

These to me look like eggs and the strange pattern on top is fascinating. I can very much imagine a dinosaur coming out of either one of the these vases.


In complete contrast to some of the ceramics loose and artistic feel these are very controlled and geometric. I love them and whilst they aren’t ‘arty’ in the traditional sense the form is much more me.


Again here the less arty messy style looks great and the playfulness of the whoopy cushion style is fun. Whether that was the intention or not I don’t know but it’s a very up-to-date style.

The new Submarine Vase from 101 COPENHAGEN


Playing on the animalistic style again this vase looks, to me, like a sitting bird and the twig coming out of the top could play host to something that played on that theme if you wanted to run with it.

A sombre day. Big pot in the centre collapsed just now. That’s the nature of the beast. In need of positive energy for the safe transport & firing of the three remaining beasts, please send good vibes xx

Zhu Ohmu

Finally these large slumped pots and more for installation than decoration of a table and the play on scale, relation to fat and technical ability of how to make it slump but not by too much is very interesting. Zhu has a style that seems popular and has a good following on Instagram to boot.



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