I spend a lot of time flicking through websites looking for inspiration and contacts that can useful in what I do. I come across so many nice examples of design from product design to architecture so it stands to reason that I can pick out some good examples for you to peruse. Today I decided to compile a list of really nice houses from stylish architects around the world, one of which you can even rent for a holiday at $2500 a day, bargain :-s



Geza Architects

This wooden slatted house is not the biggest or most expensive but it does have one of the most stunning backdrops. Set in the Italian Alps the modest but stylish home makes the most of it’s surroundings and adds beauty to the land. The openness of the internal design and the framing of the views from within the house really make it work.



Davide Macullo Architects

Again another wooden house in a mountainous setting but this time a little harder to see the view. I trust that it will be gifted with a similarly stunning view as the Geza house as well. Never the less the fog adds an atmosphere to the premises and allows the focus to be on the beautiful architecture. The contrast of the white and the warm wood is really striking. Inside the house has a similar treatment and is head to toe in bare wood to give the house a natural warm feel.



Pablo Gagliardo

This next house is a different look to the mountain examples. The main construction is in concrete and there is very little wood to speak of. The feel of the house though is not cold as you might expect but with the use of ivy and creeping foliage they have managed to breakup the straight lines and grey tone while giving the house a sort of abandoned/reclaimed by nature feel. Whilst I sell concrete pots and love concrete I must say that some concrete houses are simply to stark but this is a really nice combination.



Studio B Architecture + Interiors

Again we find ourselves in the mountains and with stunning vistas. This house by Studio B is big and stylish with so many nice shots that host a minimal style. The pool might be a little cold this time of year but the house is a welcoming environment with a lounge arranged so that everyone can enjoy a mountain view and an office that gives the same privilege via 2 windows.



Reddaway Architects

Set in a part of the town that has very traditional housing this renovation has given the house a new and modern lease of life. It looks very different from the front to the back and you would not expect the straight lines and open plan living that has been created. The wooden cladding at the rear is a really nice addition and brings a warmth to the place. The staggered layout of the rear extension allows the patio decking to be incorporated into the house and the inside to flow more easily outside.



Kapsimalis Architects

This  jaunty geometric summer residence is a step away for the previous designs. It has a little more looseness to the shapes and places boxes and block quite randomly. That being said the house works well and has a large outdoor area to make the most of the Greek sunshine that is in keeping with the design of the house. This gives a nice flow to the premises and makes it feel like one cohesive unit rather than house and garden.



J. Mayer H. und Partner, Architekten mbB

For me this place is too stark but at the same time I can appreciate the design. If living in a concrete bunker is your thing then this is your house. Concrete is abundant and there is little to break or warm it up. Details are provided by grey terrazzo around the house that go a little way to breaking up the bare concrete but the love for grey is generally unhindered. One thing you can be sure to say is the the designer and owner of this place love 2 things, spiky palms and concrete.



Casa Ilhabela by Studio MK27

Lets start by saying when I searched for details on this place I found you can actually hire it in Brazil for $2500 a day. A bit more expensive that your local Premier Inn but you definitely get a lot more for your money. The open plan layout again brings the outside inside and I love when architects do this thing where the house is built over an open lounge. The outside space flows uninterrupted to the pool edge which is unusually tiled in green, looks a bit algae-like but it’s different and the vibrancy certainly makes it pop.



Dan Brunn Architecture

I really like this one. There is something about having a house that is broken in to 2 layers with wooden cladding at the top which floats my boat. This particular house in California has that because it sits on a rather uneven patch of terrain. The house is called the bridge house and is so because it bridges over a small ravine which makes a really nice feature, kind of reminiscent of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Falling Water.




Much like the first house this is not the biggest, (138 Squ Metres) but the warmth of the wood in the setting of a snowy landscapes looks really cool. The interior is unpainted so the appreciation of the wooden construction can be enjoyed and the warmth of the external view is carried through. It also gives a more holiday home/lodge feel to it. I don’t know why that is but any house that has bare wood for walls automatically feels more holiday home-esque.


So that was 10 very nice homes for you. I am quite sure it won’t be the last 10 homes that I swoon over so check in every now and then to see if I have posted some more.


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