It may not be the right season for planters but that doesn’t mean there aren’t nice inspiration pictures out there so here we will look at some of the inspiring planters that I have found, and made, recently.

I’m in the middle of teaching myself some CAD and doing 3d renders of my own work. This was inspired by a courtyard design I saw online where the pot is made a real feature by being the sole focal point of a  submerged space.

Large contemporary planter in courtyard setting

Keeping it contemporary this is a very fashionable and common set up. Simple round designs that come in a trio package and vary the height of the visual display and host a collection of succulents and palms. The look is very stylish and tropical, giving the space a bit of life.

Simple black round planter

I really want to be able to create an effect on my planters that gives this weathered and aged look. It really adds a nice aesthetic to the work and I think the contrast of such an old look with such a modern design would be really cool. The problem is these effects are often created through firing the clay and concrete doesn’t like such extreme heat.

Rustic Large Urn Planters on Legs

This urn again has the aged look and is a little similar in effect to my rusted pots but lighter. Often urns just stand unplanted as they are interesting artifacts alone and have necks that narrow, making planting a challenging and limiting prospect.

rustic urn mediterranean

What I liked about these planters was the roughness. They have been painted to fit the surroundings which over many years is how some of the aging on the previous examples would have occurred. The top of the pot is careless though and whilst that wouldn’t really work on my pots it does here.

Rustic White Greek Planters

Departing again from the rustic theme and we return to my own design. I designed the set up to be a light and airy feeling kitchen that looks out to stunning scenery. The light woods in the room helps to lift the room but choosing different colours complements the scene rather than clashes. The slender space in the corner is perfect for the Kronen 90 to stand and provide some greenery.

Geometric concrete planter

Rustic urn planter in charm setting

This collection of pots again uses the same design trick as before but on a larger scale. In this scene all the pots are the same design but the differing sizes avoid the monotony of the form along with the different plants inside. It’s an interesting set up because the garden clearly has the space to house these plants in the ground but the designer has chosen to pot them for differentiation and feature planting.

Mixture of ball planters

Though the actual volume of the plant pot is not huge the frame around these pots makes them more substantial. They play on a fashion for the legged planters at the moment and do so rather well.

Large Framed Planter

Playing on the urn designs with the ribbed detailing these pots are a bridge between the old and new. Though I don’t know the material I could guess fibre glass based on the perfection of the colour finish. As I have said before this is something that makes the rustic planters so charming and I think these particular examples would benefit from a little patina.

Large ribbed planters


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