It may not be the right time of year to be basking out on the terrace but that won’t stop me harking back to the summer just gone lusting after warmer surroundings. Some people are hardcore and can endure the harsh winter out on the terrace but I would much rather a cosy sofa inside. We recently moved to Cambridge and rented a house which is a bit of a dive (not easy renting unseen from a foreign country) and had the use of a garden for the first time in many years. Whilst we had a terrace in our previous house over in Denmark it wasn’t enclosed or private and had about 5 metres squared of grass.

So let us begin at looking into some patios to reminisce over.

Modern open air lounge patio

This modern patio has everything a usual house would need. Based in a hotter climate this scene would allow the users to cook, eat and relax in the sun or evening air – something we all love!

Cosy patio corner under a pergola

A little more enclosed than the open air house before, however the corner sofa here is not really my tickle. The set up over all though is a nice patio scene with the drapes and pergola lighting really making it a pinterest perfect patio.

High-walled modern garden with large sofa area

Back in my zone here for a more contemporary overall appearance and making the most use out of a small space. These designs, whilst very pretty to look at, are not really there for kids to enjoy. Having a toddler now I can see a plethora of danger zones and little space to play but the design fits the brief of looking great!


Layered modern garden with small patio area

In what many would consider an unusably steep garden this design has used the incline to its advantage and layered the garden as it goes up. Far from being a solid concrete wall, the patio is enclosed and private with warm green life towering above it. The space may not receive a huge amount of light in comparison to many patios but it does cut it off from winds and prying eyes!

Sun loungers on a contemporary patio

This one came from Australia and like all self-respecting Australian houses it has a pool. In England, you need to be brave to enter an outdoor pool for the majority of the year and if you are me then there is little to keep you warm once you hit the water. That being said, the glass house and pillared facade to the house brings a modern look and feel to this scene which looks very appealing to me.

Cosy garden area with wooden deck patio

I quite often come across very small space gardens that look great and this is a good example. The patio is taking a large chunk of the space but it makes it a usable interaction zone instead of what many have which is a storage area/junk yard. Having built-in furniture enables a bit more space to be freed up and the trelace gives some degree of privacy from the neighbours.

Path to a decked island in the garden

Call me a big kid but this looks a little enchanting. The idea of walking along a raised path to reach a new area of the garden is great. Just like a kid following the lines on a path because if he steps over then the crocodiles will surely eat him. Whilst I don’t imagine the foliage here to get high, I can just imagine how cool it would be if it did so it could be a hide-y-hole.

Patio eating area with cosy lighting

Maxing out on concrete here with concrete-floored patio, concrete-rendered house and concrete walling one could say it could benefit from a break in colour, but the simple monotone planting of green makes the overall scene work. Green, grey and black, nothing else! Stark or stylish?

Modern crazy paving concrete floor for patio space

Once upon a time, crazy paving WAS modern and contemporary, then we realised it looked bad and stopped it. Done in the right way though, the idea still has merit. Here and in many architectural projects, we see the large cast concrete slabs divided by a neat line of gravel and the modern take works. I also like this effect with short grasses and mosses grown between the slabs.

Small and compact modern patio with over-sized planter

Again, another small space that has been really well-designed and interestingly a huge planter on the patio from Artelier Vierkant, which is very much over-sized but allows the outdoor room to play host to a rather nice olive tree.


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