Although the summer has come to a close and autumn is very definitely upon us I thought it would be nice to take a look at some of the garden inspiration that graced our screens this year.

Stylish London garden

This stylish garden popped up recently and is a great design by The garden Club that has a fabulous rep for nice spaces. The garden is not the largest but what they have accomplished is great. With an area for sitting that has a fire it brings the indoors outside which is an increasingly popular brief.


Huge landscaped garden

In complete contrast to the Garden Club canvas is this huge sprawling landscape that is set in the countryside rather than the densely populated London district. Looking through the images of the project the owners has a simple but stylish garden that needs plenty of trimming but looks luxurious for it.


Stylish patio design

Again another smaller garden space and a different solution to it. This space has a more tropical and natural feel with ferns and gravel making up the majority of the space while a seating area down the garden focuses on dining interaction rather than purely relaxation.


Stylish courtyard design

Sadly I wasn’t able to source the original garden here but I thought that the limited space there was was used so well that it was worth putting it in anyway. Courtyard gardens like this can easily be just a storage space but this designer has taken an unlikely garden and turned it into a desirable and easy to maintain place to enjoy a glass of wine on a summer evening.

Sea view courtyard

Although this is technically not a garden and more a hotel space it is a stunning space that I thought worth adding. The drapes over the social area are a great idea and add a stylish touch of shade. Continue to the seating area at the end and you are treated to a wonderful view of the ocean as it stretches out into the distance. The setting is obviously not UK with all the sand and cactus’s so it’s a good break from green and a demo of what can be done given different tools.


Cosy communal garden area

Peter Shaw did this garden and this project is full of great design touches that I think are a little different to the mainstream. This project features tree houses and rope ladders together with social spaces like the one seen. His Australian base means he has a different pallet to work from but he does it well from what I can tell and adds a bit of funk.

Patio and garden with a view

Again we are in Australia here. The patio design over looking the swimming area is a common feature and the space is simple demonstrating that you don’t need over complex planting solutions to make a desirable garden.

Innovative garden design with pergola

I wasn’t able to find a link to the design here but it was such an interesting arrangement that I added it anyway. The path through the foliage is really the only usable part of the garden until you reach the patio pergola area but it creates an atmosphere that is wild and untamed. The lack is flowers is notable and could be thought of as boring but I can imagine feeling transported to a remote location when there.

Garden room set at the bottom of modern garden

The large garden room at the bottom is one of limited key features of this design. The buxus hedges are large and low so to be a feature but not obstruct the view. The pool is there but not really noticeable and so the space is uncomplicated and relaxing.

Stepping stone garden design

Finally we have the most impractical of all the designs but the most show garden of them all. The stepping stone design invites intrigue and play around the water with interesting plants set in matching box platforms. The walling echoes the design of the flooring well and although it is all grey it is stylishly interesting and has many playful elements.


So that is a look at 10 nice gardens and hopefully some of them inspire you for next year. I felt there were certainly some great ideas in there but not all useful ones ­čÖé


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