It would be a bit silly to preech about concrete flower pots because you either love or hate them. Some people have preconceived ideas about what concrete is and hate it, my Dad being one. I think this is because they think of grotty 70’s tower blocks and the association to them. We in the design world however relate it to an industrial, versatile and cool material that gives us the chance to make some really cool shapes that are durable and strong.

aged concrete planter


This bowl I could not find the source of retail as it is used as a prop for the lighting company deltalight. Both the light and bowl look great though and even with nothing in it the shape is sculptural and modern

concrete ceramic

kornegay design

These bowl designs from a company that I featured in a previous article are big and echo a stone effect rather than weathered concrete. A different effect that shows how versatile concrete is.


concrete planter ball

This is a home made project and gives an idea of just how accessible concrete is for anyone. The cost in concrete planters usually comes from labour and transport so a DIY project gets you a high fashion item for a low cost. Here the maker seems to have filled a ball with concrete and let it set, clever!

concrete trough

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Square doesn’t mean boring, these planters work really well in their setting and show of the greenery perfectly whilst having the added bonus of making a decorative barrier between inside and outside.


I like this bulbous urn surrounded by bright green. The contrast is striking!

concrete window box planter


dark concrete planter

little houses big dogs

Simple design touches like this line around the middle can really effect the feel. These to me look a lot more industrial than a regular box like the ones below. I wasn’t able to find the retail source as no websites reference the image so if you know where people can buy them please let me know.


concrete works manitoba

Adam Christopher Design

huge box planters


outdoor tapered planters


rustic building planter

Generate Design

shallow concrete trough


textured concrete bowl planter

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