After a long lead time for the poor customer due to supplier letting me down he finally got the Eggs I promised him which will adorn his garden next year.

The process started earlier this year when I was contacted and asked to make 2 Egg scupltures and supply 4 planters. It was a great order but I had no planters to offer anymore and don’t make the Eggs anymore. Having given up my manufacturing facilities I no longer had anywhere to make them. A problem made even more acute by the fact he wanted 2 1 meter wide ones and the side gate to my parents house is 80cm.


No matter I figured the best option was to outsource the production of them to a local fabricator which he was happy with and could understand. I set about finding someone to do the work and arranged to take the master down to them and instructed them on how to create The Egg. We agreed a deadline and I left them to it.


3 weeks later and I got in touch to hear how things were going, the answer was disappointing as they told me they had not started it due to heavy work load but assured me that it would start within the week. This happened for 3 consectutive weeks after that and not only did they fail to even start the work in the deadline but it also meant that I had missed my deadline for the customer.


Thankfully he was very understanding and I was keeping him updated with the situation as it happened so there was no huge surprise. By the end I offered the customer 3 solutions;

  1. wait for them to get their act together
  2. find someone else or
  3. wait until September when I could take it on myself.

Option 3 was chosen and last month the garden art was finished so before he collected I took the opportunity to photograph them in the garden. I was really pleased with the results and so was he.


All round a happy end to a tough situation but you can judge for yourself as to whether they are your cup of tea or not. Check out the product page

















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