Picking a planter for a tree is a much harder task than popping down Homebase and selecting something. The pot needs to be strong, sturdy and look the part and they aren’t a very common item.

suspended tree planter


Unsurprisingly a tree planter is a big thing and often will consume at least one pallet for delivery. With this in mind you can see that just the basics of getting the pot to it’s end location is going to be expensive.

concrete and wood planters

wiid design

With special measures in place to get the pot to its location the pot will eventually need to be moved from pallet to final resting place and whoever does that will not be me. My planters of tree size come in at 75kg, the Prisme Planter, and that’s only a small tree so you can see that it will most likely need several strong men or some machinery to manoeuvre such a flower pot.

With this all in mind a tree planter will be costing you a fair amount with some flower pots reaching into the thousands (not mine). But when they are such a strong feature and with the difficulties behind them you can see why. Let have a look at some pots and see what makes them great.

black traditional planters for trees


Great use of scale play with these tree planters and the tables next to them. These pots are popular because we are use to seeing them on a smaller scale and they are quirky in large.

Simple flower pots design and striking white and black colour combination makes this design stand out.

flower pot with olive tree

Winter Mill

There is plenty of space and irrigation to plant these trees but they have been placed in planters. Why? Because it makes them more of a feature and raises them off the ground, varying the landscape to the eye.

large urn for tree


Urns are very classic and this one whilst not housing a tree, still could do and would look great.

ateliervierkant planter art


Featured on a previous article I wrote these planters have a natural feel to them in a contemporary shape and bridge the gap nicely

Big, thin walled tree planters that bring a touch of warmth and shade to a roof top setting.

This looks like an older image but would still be relevant in a classic garden today. Garden style do change but the older looking don’t become as unfashionable as interior designs.

tree planter with palm


A wonderful array of various sizes of the traditional pot we saw at the start. The seats next to them are a nice way to compare the scales.



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