Coffee tables come in many shapes and sizes, prices and materials and cater for all tastes. Contemporary design has seen off the dominance of ornate tables from the 90’s, my parents just sold their mahogony dining furniture for 1/20th of the price they paid back in the day. The surprise there was that some one bought it rather than it’s devaluation.

Today though most people like to have a simple, light design and whilst dark wood is coming back into fashion it’s Walnut in matt that is popular rather than mahogany in gloss. To give you an idea of what I think looks good I have picked a few out from my pintrest board.


Glass top :


frances hunt

Glass top coffee tables are great when the design feature is the structural legs beneath. The transparent surface allows you to appreciate the legs but still remains functional. I am in the middle of developing 2 glass top coffee tables which should retail for around 500 gbp.


Wooden top :


scout mob

Wooden tops tend to be more about the material than the complex and intriguing form. Simple block legs and details like how the wood sections link together add subtle but important details to an otherwise minimalist design. It’s great to see some high quality joinery on pintrest.


Metal :

metal coffee table


Metal tops tend not to be the highest of fashions but they do fit a purpose. They are great for outdoor and are very blokey. You often see them in bars where they can handle lots of rough handling and spilt drink.




Danish design company

Not dissimilar in it’s benefits to wooden but a laminate top can be more durable and more of a feature with the ability to add colour and pattern to the surface. This has the effect of drawing the eye away from the legs which can then be less of feature.


That covers a few of the different types of coffee tables on offer. There are many different varieties within these sections so search around and don’t just opt for the plain old Ikea stuff.


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