Garden design like many other forms of design starts off life by putting pen to paper and sketching something out. I see many nice gardens, contemporary or traditional, all over the internet and I they are all inspiring works. So inspiring in fact that I decided to paint the images so have a look and see what you think.

foras contemporary garden Sketch logo

Layered Garden Design By Foras

This garden was designed by Foras and the whole garden looks great with a path running through and different sections for chilling out or eating. The foliage acts as a separator between the 2 as well as an elevated back platform.


landscape architecture sketch logo

Contemporary Architecture With Concrete Pillars

This was an architectural design for a tourist resort in Thailand by Trop. The winding path caught my eye and striking contrast of light. The actual image has a glaring sun shining through the pillars which makes for a magical sight.


urban roof garden with terracotta planters logo

Urban Garden Atop a rough Street

This is a really striking photo in the flesh and shows a gratified street with worn paint nestling below a beloved garden haven. The residents of the garden are a million miles away from the antics of the wanderers below and they in turn and clueless to the sight above their heads.

charlotte rowe garden design sketch logo

Charlotte Rowe Contemporary Garden Designer

Charlotte Rowe is one of England’s best known garden designers and all of her work is a wonder to behold. This is a sketch of one of her gardens I did at night and I love the way the space has been broken down into areas of enjoyment. A social area in the heart of the garden and one for eating but also a space to sit closer to the house in more comfort while you look out over the design lit up at night.


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