To some concrete is a utilitarian material for use only in structure and to be hidden at all costs, regarded as an ugly and cold substance to be admired only for its strength properties. Others take a different view and can see that it has a beauty as well, all be it a stark one.
The contrast in opinions in no more strong than between my dad and I. No matter how many times I show him concrete products and the increasing trend in the material he continues to deny it’s existence in the designer world.
My work over the past few years has been around concrete constructions and I have learnt a great deal about how versatile it can be and I look to put my knowledge into my future product range. For now though lets have a look at some concrete beauties out there at the moment.

Adam Christopher Stjerne

concrete coffee table stjerne AC design

Folded from plastic this mould was created back in 2013 and has a very form and elegant form. It come in 3 colour choices and is seen here in white


The Sponeck chair

concrete chair


This is a great piece of design which incorporates the slimness of moulded plywood with the durable, stark material of concrete. That is no easy feat believe me as it goes against the traditional characteristics of concrete. The flowing lines of the chair give it a delicate and soft look while the material says the opposite.


Elm and concrete coffee table

wood and concrete coffee table

Concrete Pig

The combination of wood and concrete works really well. It is the warmth of one material and the coldness of another that sets them off together. This offering comes from and see the reinforcement of steel into the mix, a common and useful additive for strengthening the lovely grey stuff.

anti gravity concrete lamp


Flower Pot\Planter

AC Femkant grey edit hedge logo (2)

I myself work with concrete and have created a line of concrete planters and flower pots for indoor and outdoor use. I use different finishes to get different effects but the concrete always work well, giving a warm grey when dry and a colder dark grey when wet.

concrete bulb holders


Concrete shelving

concrete shelving

Tough Love. Original source is unknown


I can’t say where these little gems are from but they look great. Considering the nature of them they may well be home made which is one of the great things about concrete, its easy of use. This sort of concrete execution is best used minimally, the general use of more convention materials would be off set well with a shot of concrete like this.

diy concrete candle holders


Kitchen worktops

concrete kitchen worktop


All of these will be custom made, you can’t buy concrete like wood because it is so easy source and use the raw material. Concrete kitchens are very customisable and can create a great effect. However the likes of composite materials like Caesarstone offer a great alternative with many more benefits. This kitchen works well with the rustic, wooden floor and chrome utensils.

gas burners inset to concrete worktop



concrete fireplace



From feature kitchens to feature fireplaces. The ability to dye concrete further increases its appeal and in this fireplace we can see that a black dye has been used to give a dark and almost Darth Vader look.


So whilst some of you may have thought the same as my dad, I have hopefully managed to show you that concrete can be put the other uses in a more decorative way. For others I will probably never convince you but we are all entitled to our opinion. For now though concrete will remain a controversial material and where there in controversy there in intrigue.

If you liked the look of the concrete kitchen worktops up there, it just so happens that I can make you one. If you live in one of our serving areas; St Albans, Watford, Welwyn, Potters Bar, Radlett and any other Hertfordshire town then get in touch for a site visit.


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