Sculpture is often a subjective topic, what is stunning for one person may be horrible. For another. I find this very often as I like contemporary, tight designs that show simplicity or skill.

Most people in the market for a sculpture are looking for something cheap, something Kitsch, and something they can relate to with mininmal imagination. For example; a concrete cast rabbit, looking cute as the owner looks out on their garden.


Sometimes however there comes along designs that are generally appealing to all but also different from the boring usual. These designs tend to be something clever, something that make the viewer look more than once stirring enough creativity inside to generate intrigue but not challenging enough to turn viewers off.


On my pintrest board I have a great collection of interesting sculptures for all sorts. Some you will love and some you will hate. The inspiration for this article came from the popularity of one pin which is a splash and a face combined, very clever. See the images below for more inspiration.

Now this is clearly not the average clients choice purely by the size of the work but it plays on an everyday object and makes us think about in a different way, it’s clever and playful. Most people wouldn’t have the space for something this large but many could house a smaller, more practical version.



Whether you like it or not this piece is very popular on my pintrest board and I put it down to its clever play on the random patterns water creates when disturbed. It might not be flowing or curvatious but it does make you look twice and generates intrigue which is the whole battle, right?


daniel widrig

I love this piece because of the way the lines flow and the potential you have to make it your own. You can see that the creator is flexxing it how he wants and owners can do the same when they get theirs. Created from a clever skeletal frame it allows light to cast soft shadows and take a twising complex form.



I’m sure it makes sense when you see it in person but this looks incredibly complex to me. The artist has managed to capture the loosness of a sketch using wire as the lines but also get the accuracy of proportion. Very clever and creative!



Now this definitely won’t be to everyone’s taste as it is loud, bright and garish. I am not sure I would have it in my garden but I think it looks great in this environment, it certainly makes a big statement.

There you have small over view of some sculptures I found interesting. If you thought the same then why not check out some more on my pintrest page.


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