With so many plant pots on offer how should you know what to look for and which ones to buy? It is increasingly common for people to spend more money and time in their garden spaces, and as such, more on the components that make them up. Using flower pots is a very up to the minute, fashionable way to neatly display your foliage so let’s have a look at some of the potential candidates that are on offer that are a little more prestige than the £20 stuff at Homebase

The common theme of what I have picked this week is a minimalist style which is very fashionable and highly on trend. The pots are large and have a limited variety of shapes from squares to circles and variations in between. The key is that the swirly wirly old fashioned pots tend not to be the style that is seen in contemporary gardens, it is this modernist Bauhaus form that is the really driver. The old fashioned pots tend to work well in the kitsch world of English country garden design but we aren’t going to look at that.

For now, content yourself with this weeks 6 pots and hopefully you will be inspired.




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