The fonts used for architectural numeration can really make the feel of the building work. A contemporary modern font is a great way to add some practical art to a wall and personalize the canvas. the use of concrete has long been associated with modernist architecture and so it is no surprise to see that the casting properties it has have been lent to setting fonts in to buildings. The result looks really cool and gives the buildings a really custom, purposeful presence.


It often happens that architectural projects will design the building with a concrete cast wall that has the numbers or text cast into the design so from a residential or practical application for you lovely readers it is going to be hard for you to use this concept as a blueprint. You can however take some inspiration from it and perhaps do it on a smaller scale.



It is possible though to get some cast fonts that can bolt to the wall and if you are feeling really creative you could have a crack at it yourself. If you manage to find a font that you like then you can cast a mould and, there after, the numbers themselves.


Cast concrete letters

A quick search on Pinterest throws up loads of really cool and interesting fonts and logos that have been cast in concrete, milled in wood or created from metal. All of them more interesting than the standard shop bought fonts so why can’t the shops produce such interesting designs?

Concrete cast letter boxes


The answer is simple. A lot of what you see on cool logos and fonts is custom made and in a block. For shops or retailers to stock all the possible variations of numbers and letters and words would be completely unfeasible. However companies commissioning new design layouts for their refurbished of new premises have the money to splash on custom design because it makes them stand out from the rest.


So in conclusion the likely hood of getting a cool font for you front door or wherever lies in reducing your ambitions to solitary, separated digits and composing the display in that format. It can still look cool but you just won’t be as cool as the coolest kids out there.




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