Every year we look at the garden and think what needs doing and every year we throw stuff out that has no use. However, what if we took the 2 processes and thought how we could combine them? Just because a product has come to the end of its life cycle for its designed purpose, doesn’t mean it can’t be used for anything other than rubbish. I have had a search and come up with some clever ideas to turn your everyday waste into a clever and interesting planter. Have a look and see if you get inspired!

The old shoe, like the childhood story, has more than one use

These hessian bags make for a great, cheap and rustic looking vessel

I certainly had never seen these before and they obviously aren’t your regular pillow when floating but you could easily make you own non pond safe version.

This is probably the most obvious of them all but this execution is very effective. Also great for children to see the life inside the pots and learn

This is a very slick conversion from an old tyre to a stylish and functional pot

Old paint pots look very cool and whilst these are pretty bright there’s no reason why yours couldn’t be more restrained. They would also look great as they age with the rusting effect coming through

Your amazing places

Shoe Dwelling



Protect the planet

Antique Farm House

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