There can be many resonance why the cost of planters can vary and it can be exponential and surprise some customers. In the UK we are spoilt with the cost of mass produced good with companies managing to get great discounts by ordering huge numbers.


This may be an  obvious one but the material that the pot is made from can dramatically change the cost of a pot and there are many different pots out there made from almost anything. Copper and lead are 2 of the most expensive planter materials that come to mind and you can easily pay £1000 for a pot made from one of those.

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Labour Time

Whilst the basic raw materials used for the creation of a planter the actually labour time can account for the vast majority of the product. When you get something that isn’t your average box then it takes time to create such shapes and this is why many of the most ornate flower pots come from overseas.

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The physicality of creating a planter larger than normal is exponentially more difficult than the smaller ones. If the material choice is light then it makes it easier but when the pot is large and heavy then just simply rotating it needs to given consideration.



Off the back of the size consideration many pots can afford to be cheap on the basis of their efficient design for packaging. A good design will fit inside another and mean many products can fit on a pallet and many pallets fit in a container. Large, odd shaped planters like my own concrete products are very inefficient to ship and thus the cost of shipping is noticeable.

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Not too many people have the space or money for large planters and as a result there are less of them sold. That means that businesses need to have a higher margin on them than smaller ones in order to make the same profit. Small pots in garden centres that cot 50p will most likely have a small margin on then and depend on volume sales whereas a £500 pot probably cost the retailer £250 to buy and then they need to pay their overheads.

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Hopefully these 5 reasons give you an idea as to the cost of planters and justify why us specialist retailers charge more than our mass produced counter parts.




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