What we all want from a garden is somewhere to chill that gets us closer to nature but the way we achieve that varies from person to person. Some like a contemporary straight lined finish while others like to have a more natural look. Whatever your look it’s nice to have a cosy area and that is what we will look at here.

I personally think that if your ultimate goal is cosy then you need to head down the natural look rather than go too contemporary. Some of the cosiest garden spaces I have seen have been a little wild which, when combined with contemporary, takes the edge off the sharpness of the the more stylish gardens and relaxes them.

So have a look at some of the cosy garden spaces I have collected for you and get inspired.


Green cushions on the steps
Black decking
Secret over grown garden
Wooden sofa in the corner
White shade
Purple flower between the path
Orange umbrella on the deck


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