We all dream of having our perfect house but for some it is more realistic than others. Often the limiting factors are money, location and sometimes creativity so we tip our hats to those that have worked hard to achieve great housing results.

With television shows like grand designs getting ever more popular and the exhibition to boot, it is no wonder that when tapping into peoples dreams you are onto a winner.   I love a great bit of architecture but I have to say that my favourites are usually domestic in their execution. Below are some of the fine houses that have stood out to me on Pintrest.



This cracking looking house on the hills of LA would have been no mean feat to construct but wow was it worth it! It goes wothout saying that the views will be utterly amazing, especially at night looking out over alluminated LA.


Iran Hall

We have all taken a stroll down the beach and seen a cave that stirs the caveman within us and wants to move in. Well that is exactly what this home owner did, although probably the poshest cave man around (excluding bond villans)

Stylish house with integrated pool


Some houses we see we can appreciate the potential to incorporate ideas into our own but this is on another level. An amazing design in an amazing location with amazing features, I like!



First impressions make this look like a beach side property but it is in fact it is just good landscaping and open plan living. I love the spacious vibe and full opening doors, another wow!



The views from this place sell it alone but the simple geometric design and the clear vast space that lies within make it a winner in my desirability stakes.

I love the contrast in this building and the way that it works so well in it’s environment by doing everything differently. There isn’t even grass on the lawn, it’s completely surrounded by water! The angular white lines work wonderfully with the mountain backdrop, a really stunning property.

If you liked these great homes then there are far more than I have time to write about on my pintrest board so pop over there and be wowed by what’s out. there http://www.pinterest.com/shapebubble/homes/


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