It’s been a while since I posted some inspiring planter and flower pots and today we are going to look at a mixed variety of materials. Planters don’t always have to be made from the same stuff and there are companies out there that have some very creative ideas about what a flower pot could be made from. When I was at the Clerkenwell Design Week there was a lighting company that had bay trees in bags. It doesn’t sound great but they looked really nice, see below.

Other materials are wicker, concrete, lead, clay, granite, wood and much more. Pretty much anything you want you can have but it really depend on the  effect and how much you want to spend. Getting the right planters can really set off your design, getting the wrong one can send your style off course.


fibreglass planters


wicker planters

Finding Your Landscape

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Pink Wallpaper

Mit Vita Hus

Adam Christopher

Adam Christopher

Clive Nichols


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