Industrial feel

The stark coldness of concrete and the fact that it is often the core material in a building makes it a real back to basics material that stands out when used in design.


Concrete is cool in architecture and as a result is cool full stop! Using it gives your home or garden that industrial and purposeful feel that is a little cold but links you to a club that knows what they are doing when it comes to style

Fashionable concrete sink


Hard wearing

Concrete has it’s strength in compression, there’s little that beats in for cost effective compressive strength. Use it in the right way and it will be around for a long time.

concrete floor

MidlandPolished Concrete

Weathers and ages

Over time the concrete will leach out salts when it get wet and dries out. This adds to the industrial look and give a patina that can look very similar to lead.

patina concrete flower pots



Because it starts in a powdered and the liquid form it can be moulded into many shapes. It’s limitation is that the wall segments can’t be too thin as the will crack in the drying process.

mouldable concrete lamp shade


Make your own

It is so easy to make your own concrete stuff. Pop down your local hardware store and grab some concrete, sand and a bucket. Mix it all together and pour it into something you want to mould but make sure you know how to get it out.

diy concrete candle holders

Amy Greving


With year of development companies have managed to come up with additive that change the properties of concrete. From fibres to make it even stronger, to powders that make it stick to the wall, it really is fascinating.

cutlery knife and fork




A bag of concrete costs £4 and sand even less, and there you have the ingredients of creativity!

cheap concrete project




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