Well this was an obvious one for me to write about being a designer and producer of flower pots. Summer is just around the corner and we are all starting to think about how we can spruce up the garden so it’s a more enjoyable site from the patio. I know I am and I’m wondering whether to put tall grass in by the deck to finish the half done job I started last year. There are many many pots around and each has different style and application. Most common place are the basic shapes that are inoffensive and versatile and then there are the terracotta post that have a more classic form. There’s concrete pots, fibrecota pots for budget buys, steel planters, fibreglass pots, fold up pots, pot in a bag you name it its out there so lets have a look and see what we can find that’s a bit more interesting for inspiration.

I love the presence of these pots and the muted tones on both pot and plant works well for a contemporary feel

If bright is your thing then these certainly fit the bill! They work very well in a mediterranean setting

These stylish black planters are custom made and much more durable than the usual stuff you see in homebase. Despite being the same shape you pay a premium for custom quality and these aren’t bargain basement.

AC kronen tall corten steel corten steel 6

This is my own pot, it’s called the Kronen and it’s and geometric formed flower pot for indoor or outdoor use

I am a big fan of these. they might not be to everyone’s taste but they are different and they look very elegant

Beautifully carved wooden bowls, I doubt if they could make these for outside but they wood look stunning!

I had actually got these in my development files, I had sketched them and planned to make them in the future until I found them here. They look great and are similar in style to my own work.

Wicker is the way to go if you would charm of contemporary. The weather over time blending more with the garden and look very natural.

Crate and Barrel

Design Milk


London Planters

Modern Country Style

Old Town Fibre Glass




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