I spend some time each day looking around and seeing what interesting new stuff there is in the design world. Every now and then some nice pots come up which are usually rustic and ceramic so there aren’t many concrete ones like mine. Never the less these pots find there way into my Social media boards as inspiration and I have picked 9 here to give my thoughts and feedback on.

Unfortunately I have not been able to pin down the retailers of all the pots but I have done my best. Most are from design sites that are reporting on stylish modern houses rather that the fixtures, fittings and design details which makes it hard to find the source.


Round Rustique Planter

This stylish planters in a terracotta clay number which is housing a good size of olive tree.  The white theme of the room allows the attention to be drawn to the features of the room which in this case is the planter, light and stool. Though there is no info on the origin of the planter the website has a host of other products so may well be able to source one for you should it tickle your fancy. The house that is reported on is the CEO of the company so the information is certainly accessible.

Design Boom

A sunny house refurbishment here and a slender white ceramic pot which reminds me a little of the work done by Japanese ceramicist Taizo kurado who has a very neat but still hand made feel to his work. The house at a further look is a stunning project that is no small shed. The open living space from garden to inside is lush and overall the house oozes style.


A muted pallete

These pots seem some what illusive as I have searched for them and just can’t find them. Working on the basis that they are mythical pots we shall assume they are from ancient Greece and that is why we are unable to find them. They certainly have a very rustic finish that I would love to have on my pots but sadly it is not so easy to achieve on a concrete finish. These urn/planter designs are becoming ever more fashionable and enable the feel of an antique to enter the home in even the most modern of houses.



Making the rustic effect meet the modern form these planters are a really nice cross over. I’m unclear on the material as the foreground planter looks like polystone while the focal pots looks more ceramic. By the colouration of the pot I would say it is clay that has been given some treatment to age it. Regardless of what material it is the pot looks like a really nice addition to the space and definitely meets the stylish brief.


The Balcony Garden

This jumbo beast of a planter is certainly not something that anyone could host in their home. The extra large size of it means that it will be reserved for large spaces, most likely corporate, and outdoor spaces. That being said there is no reason why we can’t include it here as it meets the stylish criteria and is a planter. It has an ancient feel to it and though there are handles indicating it had a carriable function in a previous life this is unlikely to be the case. Never the less the details add to the design and it is a nice effect.



Again sadly a planter that I simply cannot find but still I felt it worth a mention due to the sheer amount of aging it has had and the effect that gives to the planter. It’s not going to be to everyone’s taste as it has a very rough look but the effect is similar to something that has been at the bottom of the ocean for many year and, for me, it works well. The planting inside is an example of the flower arranging that could be used for the planter and in combination with the lighting and pot it give a very bleak appeal.


Seizoen and Stijl

This arrangement by interior designers Seizoen and Stijl in Holland takes the planter and raises it closer to eye level which gives it a completely different feel. You notice it a great deal more and thus it moves from being a simple planter to an art piece. The plinth on which it stands is a simple but clever addition that gives a value to a potentially low value object.


Kronen 65 modern concrete planter

Finally we have my own planter which has been around for a few years now and proven to be very popular. Being made from concrete it has a rustic charm but not quite so much as some of the ones featured above. The geometric lines give it a stylish and modern look and in this spa style setting it looks just the part.


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