In the last few years concrete has increased in it’s popularity in the design domain. Whilst still not mainstream in England it is the material of choice for many designers looking for a rugged contemporary edge. My concrete pots look to fill a hole in the market where concrete pots fail to deliver in current offerings by giving interesting shapes  at large sizes.


Whether you need one of my off the shelf concrete flower pots or have a higher budget for something a little more bespoke, I am happy to discuss your needs and create a feature pot that delivers for you.

If you are an interior designer, interior architect, garden designer, plant maintenance company or other then my pots offer a striking feature in your designs that meet your contemporary style needs. Taking inspiration from Scandinavia, and my close links with Denmark, the concrete planters I design look to echo design fashions from the style state. Currently very popular are geometric patterns and forms and my concrete pots follow that route. Where my pots are different is that I use concrete on a large scale, something that I have had to develop a new moulding technique for.

So in summary what you get with my work is contemporary concrete with Scandinavian design and clever, inventive product design.