If you have a project where you need to source some art or sculpture for a corporate space then the task can be incredibly daunting. There are corporate art companies out there that do all this for you and advise you at the end on what they think would a good for your space. If you are busy and not sure then this is probably your best bet at getting something right for you. They know all the artists and knows what style suits in what space as well as having the ability to take into consideration you desires and source something appropriate. However I come for a different direct and make something specific to you needs and put pen to paper to create the sculpture that you want. If you like the style of my work then I would be happy to generate a proposal based on a criteria set by you.

Flame Modern Sculpture black and white yin yang 1200px wide logo

I will take a brief, often proposed at very short notice, and create for you a beautiful work of art based on influences from you, your company or the space around the site so that the work is personal and unique. I always have a back log of ideas waiting to come out and after a short conversation and briefing can start to source some inspiration for the sculpture that will be relevant.

Corporate Art Budgets

Corporate sculpture and art budgets can vary a great deal and with big finance behind them and big spaces to fill the budget can reach many thousands. That, however, doesn’t mean to say that you have to spend that. The best course of action is to set a brief and outline what it is you want, the size you need and the price you want to pay. From the outset I can then assess whether the project is feasible or whether you will need a larger budget to achieve your goals.

Liquid silk coughton court red wide 1200px

It is important to remember that when commissioning a private piece of art that the piece is a one off for you and it should reflect that. Anything made custom as a one off is going to at a higher value than off the shelf work but the result should stand out and make people feel something. The desired effect is obviously to have a reaction of ‘I like that’ but should also be there as a conversation piece and can be equally as successful when people love and hate it. Art is subjective and the point of memory, intrigue and conservation and that is what your sculpture commission should do for you.

My style is modern and fluid with flowing lines that interact with each other to generate a harmonic form. I liken it to Zaha Hadid’s style but with more sharpness and energy. If you like the images that you see on my site and think  you might like a proposal done for you then get in touch and we can have a talk about what you are looking for and how we might be able to work on a project to deliver you a sculpture that you love.

Flame at Grand Designs with Scott Lawrence (5) - Copy

Red flame sculpture Batchwood Adam Christopher (13) - Copy

Liquid Silk Garden Sculpture in Red (9)