If you are looking for a David Harber sculpture then you obviously know a bit about your garden art and have a style in mind. You want simple, elegant style and have the space to accommodate a large feature in you grounds. Whilst my style is very different to what David offers it also carries the same characteristics as his but I choose to execute it in a very different way.

David Harber’s work is ultimately very simple and mine is technically more complex as I spend a great amount effort to make my complex form appear simple. Each line is purposefully placed and works with each other,┬áto give the form tension and energy. My artworks often have personified inspiration with the work either echoing all, or part of the human body as I find this to be the most beautiful and inspiring shape of all. The underlying skeletal frame that is found throughout the animal kingdom, generates curves and lines that we subconsciously relate to. The stance of a form can convey, anger, love, joy, lightness and all because the shape was inspired by a pose struck by a skeletal being.

Flame Modern Sculpture black and white yin yang 1200px wide logo

David Harber’s work focuses on material choice and quality, the viewer is not so much challenged by the depth of meaning or complex lines but more mesmerised by our fascination of all things shiny and perfectly formed. Like a perfect pebble on the beach that has been worn down by years of washing back and forth the work of David Harber is fundamentally pretty.

Liquid silk coughton court red wide 1200px

If you Still think that David Harber has the right catalogue of designs for you then give him a call and see what sort of project he would suggest for you space. If you like the ideas that I presented and are interested in a more considered, flowing form then get in touch with me and let’s have a discussion about how I might be able to design you a custom proposal based on your unique requirements. Have a look at my previous work, displayed around the country to see if you like my style.

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