I started making large flower pots back in 2014 and have been improving my unique technique ever since. The fact that each of my designs is considerably bigger than your average homebase design means that I am able to offer a design that is a little more special and personal.

Flower pot designer Adam Christopher

The hand made aspect of my work means you get a very personal touch from my company. I do my utmost to ensure that your requirements are met and that you are happy with the service and products that I provide. It is incredibly difficult to be able to offer hand made products to the UK market at a competitive price but I feel that the format and price structure I now offer enables me to provide my pots at a reasonable and competitive cost.

Each pots takes 2 days to come out of the mould and a further 2 weeks to cure fully. They are fibre reinforced to aid against frost and drying cracks as being concrete they are subject to stresses during the drying process that means they would crack if not reinforced, luckily mine are.

I also offer a custom service where I can produce pots of the same design but in different proportions. So if you like any of my work but want it in a different size then get in touch and I can discuss making a new mould and doing a custom production run for you.

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