There is a new TV show on Channel 4 that goes by the name of ‘Inside Out Home’. The series follows the development of 2 houses per episode that are the brain child of architect Zack Monro.

The concept is that we redesign our homes and living space to bring the outside in and vice versa and when you see the results you will very much agree with the philosophy.

Inside out homes 16

In this episode of the show my pots are prominently featured on the patio and in the planting area with stunning floral design done by Rosie from Petershame nurseries.

Inside out homes 17

The rust effect Kronen Bowl planter stood proudly in full view of the camera with it’s striking colour contrasting nicely against the light grey floor.

Inside out homes 20

Kronen Bowl is a 95cm wide bowl that sits at a low height to give a different perspective to garden viewers. The 8 point start harks to it’s natural roots with inspiration coming from origami and nature.

Inside out homes 1

Also to feature was the Kronen 65 planter which is a taller, more ornate version of the bowl flower pot. Both sit in the same range with an 8 point star design and GRC concrete form.

Inside out homes 5

The final design of both house and garden looked great and made me rather jealous of my home. I hope that the show leads to wider awareness of my work and that more features of this quality come forward soon.

Inside out homes 7

Inside out homes 12

Inside out homes 13



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