It seems that if you want nice planters or flower pots then a good place to head is the North European coast. I have come across more than one supplier of high end, large planters and the sources are usually Belgium or Holland. I can’t explain this but I guess from a geographical point of view it it’s pretty well connected in Europe and it not land locked so can get supplies in and out easily. Belgium and Holland also have a good design style that is less exuberant and more universal than southern European producers.


Atelier Vierkant is probably one of the biggest that I have found and they really know the meaning of the word quality as you can see from all the wonderful photographs of their flower pots.

Each pot is hand made in their studio and with so many different designs it blows your mind. The website is packed full of applications where their pots and planters stand out and make the difference. They go from small to taller than man or beast but all demand a premium price tag as these aren’t normal pots.


Most of the pots are round in form, as are any, and they take a typically stylish and traditional form for the discerning customer. My own planters offer a style that I haven’t seen on their product list and perhaps it could be suitable for your project.


My geometric flower pots are very architectural and my style is faceted planter design throughout. I design the planters myself and source from my manufacturer so have the ability to be flexible with customers orders if they require something different. If you like my style but think you might want something different, bigger, a custom planter design or anything then please do get in touch and I can see what I can do.

AC flower pots Femkant large buxus logo 1000 (10)

AC prisme corten steel 5

What I like about the Atelier Vierkant planters is the way they are represented in the photography with lighting making them really stands out as a cut above. Often studio lit ceramics are done in such a way that they really express the form of the flower pot well and it becomes more than a pot, it becomes art.


atelier vierkant


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