Cadix are a very large manufacturer of garden flower pots bot small and large. Their goods are manufactured overseas to a high quality using various different materials and all at a very affordable price. They really set the benchmark for quality and price. Some garden designer of high end horticulture even use them in some very expensive locations.

Their style is very simple and minimalist and as such they have tapped into and pretty much sealed a huge market world wide for stylish pottery. With my own designs I have attempted to offer something a little more different to the usual and used origami to inspire my designs. They are all hand made by myself and are not as simple to produce as the cadix designs so the price is higher but you won’t find geometric plant pot forms like mine elsewhere. Have a look and see what yo think!

AC prisme grey concrete 6

AC femkant corten steel effect 3

AC kronen bowl corten steel effect 6

AC kronen tall white concrete 6

AC Kronen Bowl grey edit logo (5)

AC Femkant grey logo 1000

AC kronen tall corten steel corten steel 5


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