A lot of what we see across the net and in shops is inoffensive and safe but what if you like to live a little more on the wild side of life? Well you may  want to buy yourself some flower pots that make a real stand out statement and playing with colour is perhaps the fastest route to standing out.

It is s tricky balance to strike though as you don’t want to over domination the setting with clashing colours. The trick to using a brightly coloured pot is remembering that you are making a feature of the pot and that you don’t want the planting to fight for attention. The foliage inside should be very muted and not have brightly coloured flowers jumping out.

This means that, for some, the bright pot might be a no no but for those that want an easy garden but still a colourful garden it is a great half way house. Have a look at the images I gathered and see what you think, and notice the toned down or monotone colour schemes for the foliage



Blue flower pots on the wall

Leroy Merlin

Old Town Fibreglass

Lush Home

Pot Inc


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