It was a rainy day in the town of Knutsford Cheshire and I was on a social/business trip delivering some planters for a TV shoot and seeing a friend. We went for a walk through the town and up to Tatton Park where I saw several very nice commercial grade planters.

Planters in Knutsford 1000

Sad as it sounds I’m always looking for planters to see what the competition is like, how they are made and what I can do to improve my offerings. These planters above are solid composite stone, most likely concrete with a dark dye and aggregate.

large commercial bowl planters with box flower pots1000

They stood in the town centre along with some box planters from the same company I presume. The bowls look like they are Urbis but with no label on I can’t say. Never the less the effect was very stylish and impressive as well as functional. With narrow streets these planters stopped people from parking on both sides and kept the walk way free for pedestrians.

plant containers under a moody sky 1000

Further on through the walk we came to the cafe at Tatton Park and the timing could not have been better. We got a coffee, sat down, helped everyone erect the umbrellas and then the heavens opened. Being British and having made a big effort to get the enormous umbrellas up we weren’t going in with out a fight so we sat out in the rain with a table and parasol for cover.

box planter and fairground ride at Tatton Park1000

The Planters that adorned this space were again large and again commercial flower pots but were made from fibreglass. This is a great option for very large pots as they can be manoeuvred into position with man power. A planter this large made from concrete would certainly need some mechanical lifting and increase the cost. Having said that though the feel of a concrete pot is far superior to the of a light weight fibre glass counterpart.

wooden box planter in white 1000

The other planters in the public space were white, wooden, Versailles style planters so over all the trip was filled with all range of materials of planters. More importantly for the viewing public Knutsford is a lovely town and Tatton Park is a wonderful outdoor space to wander around in.

tapered stone planters 1000

tapered stone planters against red brick 1000

wooden box flower pot on a rainy day 1000

wooden box planter in white 1000

commercial large planters for tree1000

concrete box planters on knutsford highstreet1000

concrete commercial planters in knutsford 1000



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