Pots and planters are my game and so when I see some nice settings I tend to try and get a few pictures. I may get the odd look from passers by but sometimes it is worth it as a street landscape can really come alive with some nice planting.

Orange flowers in concrete flower pots

When visiting my girlfriend in Denmark I was struck by the amount of pots and planters out on the street and they all made the environment much more pleasant.

Orange flowers in concrete public space planters

These concrete planters are all over the city and housed the same pretty orange flowers. The thick concrete with rounded edges was perfectly functional for the setting if not a little rough in casting quality. My own geometric planters would no doubt look much better ūüėČ

purple flowers in a pot on a door step

Even residential homes have small plant pots outside on their steps…

quaint metal flower pot on a step with an olive tree

This little metal one was in the entrance to a cafe that we stopped at. Cheap and cheerful but adds the atmosphere that was needed. Just a simple small pot can increase the charm 10 fold.

round planter with olive tree inside on the pavement

The use of tall trees in flower pots varied the height of the visual landscape and made it more interesting to walk round.

wooden box planters aside white bench on the street

Adding a bench between these plant containers gave some functionality to the aesthetic and made the pavement space sociable as well as pretty.

wooden commercial planter for the street

These wooden planters were probably the nicest I saw on this day. Simple, wooden batons formed a tapered bowl which housed a tall, spindly tree.

wooden taper planter on the street

Again I saw clumps of these concrete planters but this time at the base of a statue. I remember walking past this when it was winter and it is a completely different feel now the flowers are in bloom. Opposite to this there is a cafe that has street furniture and the whole area catches the last of the evening sun.

Concrete commercial planters with orange flowers

Down a side street there is a section where the parking has been removed and foliage and landscape put in it’s place. The trees that line the road may remove some functionality of the street but they add some life and make it very nice to walk down.

concrete planter down a charming old street

The bus station is treated to some orange flowers too and although it is not the prettiest end of town it definitely looks better for the flowers coming out.

Concrete planters in the sun

Finally, outside another boutique was this standard round pot that housed a sort of pine tree. It stood with it’s pair either side of the stairwell that went down to the shop and made the entrance more inviting.

fibreglass planter with spikey tree on the sidewalk


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