The world of interior design is vast in it’s different styles, we all like different products, colours and level of ornamentation. Some like it swirly some like it straight but the one thing it must reflect is your personality. So baring that in mind what sort of people would these styles suit, any of you perhaps?

This large and spacious lounge area has an amazing view and whilst it can’t be transplanted into our homes, the owners have certainly made the most of the lighting and picture window.

A typical Scandinavian style interior with muted colours and natural rough wood featuring the Acapulco Chair in black and shag pile rug.

This striking geometric interior lends it self to a very simple style of furnishing. The dominance of the roof line when you see the room should not be take away by loud furnishing, let it be the feature.

In Danish the hygge means a cosy environment but on a more friendly or family based level, this room echoes that perfectly, it says style without being pretentious

Although not technically a full interior I found this image quite inspiring

Muted colour pallet again with large bright windows making the room feel light and airy.

My favourite of the set is this one which has the warmth of the wood, different coloured dining chairs and a warm grey, matte kitchen, looks fabulous!

In recent years the rise of the use of OSB wood has been amazing. The ease of use, price and freely available outlets means home owners can get the warmth of wood into their homes for very little money


Lux Pad


By Sofitel Macau At Ponte 16 – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0


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