Kornegay Design Planters are very high quality cast concrete planters with a faceted or geometric form. They are similar to my designs but less dramatic and angular. This means that they are easier to make but no less desirable for it. The website is full of wonderfully shot images of the companies work in studio settings much like you would see from a ceramists studio


Each of the pots is thick concrete so the designs are very durable and often seen in architectural landscaped settings which is always a good sign of quality. the company produce a range of different flower pots, planters, furniture and do custom work as well.


The similarity to my own work was accidental, Kornegay have been in business much longer than me and only after I began production did I notice the similarity in style. My own style was inspired more by the origami of Japanese artists and Scandinavian trend for faceted ceramics. This in turn I relate to the success of Etsy and the handcrafted products that are sold on there. Thankfully both my planters and Kornegay Planters are different enough for us both to stand alone and appeal to different customers.

Kornegay Design

If you are in the UK or Europe and find it hard to get Kornegay’s lovely designs then perhaps my own work is a suitable alternative. My work is based out of the UK so I am well place to sell to Europe and am looking for retailers to supply all the time.

AC flower pots Femkant (4) 1000 logo

AC flower pots kronen tall (12) 1000 logo

AC flower pots kronen tall 1000 logo

ac kronen Concrete outdoor coffee table 3 - Copy


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