In September 2016 both myself and the studio that I work with to produce my planters exhibited at GLEE Birmingham. Every year they have a competition for new products and as Kronen 65 has been remoulded to a high standard and relaunched it seemed like a great opportunity to enter it for some publicity.


There are several categories that are judged by the shows organisers but also a further category called Retailers Choice which is announced at the end of the show. I put in for garden decoration and the results were announced on the Monday of the show, the first day.


Sadly I walked away empty handed from the first round and lost out to a sausage dog bench which I have never said before. But 2 days later when the Retailers had spoken I was awarded the grand prize and the one I wanted, ‘Retailers Choice 2016’

GLEE is a trade show that is attended by decision makers in the garden industry. Over the 3 days period there were around 8000 visitors to the show and anyone could vote on what they thought was the best new product. It was the award I wanted because it is the professional public speaking rather than judges so it gives a better idea of public perception of my work. To win means that my work is well liked and I’m hoping that it will translate to a successful year next year.

Have a look at some of the photos from the award and how my planter took pride of place at the of the promenade and check out the page about the award at Glee News






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