Having had a great response from kronen and prisme  I wanted to extend the range to encompass a design that lent it self more to standing in a pair either side of a doorway. I took the same shape as the other two contemporary planters and increased it’s height while narrowing the frame. The result is a very elegant and slender design that gives more opportunity for the use of the range.  Kronen 90 tall contemporary planter


It was first unveiled at GLEE in  2016 and will be available for sale from the end of the year, that’s the plan anyway. I took delivery of the first sample after the the show and photographed it using my outdoor lights to create a great effect. I am extremely happy with how it turned out as the production of it has not been easy.


What is always hard is getting moulds and masters made to a sensible price at a reliable quality and in this case I had to do it all remotely with the first time I saw the physical form when all the production work was done. It was a nervous time and expensive.


The increased height means that there is now a nice range of heights between all the designs and they can be gathered together in different designs and colours to make an interesting contemporary feature section with planting







Check out the product page to see more of Kronen 90 tall contemporary planter


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