Flame garden sculpture came from… yes you guessed it, a flame. But there was much more development along the way than just drawing a flame. Inspiration came from, shells, flowers, smoke and the world of car design. To see the full story click the button below.


Flame garden sculpture in an atmospheric snow setting


What I wanted to achieve with flame was an energy that effortlessly flowed and resembled the relaxing nature of fire. One of the key criteria for me was to incorporate twisted lines that pulled the viewer round to find out what happened on the other side. If you look at the sculpture you will see that there are several lines that interact with each other, making the design more interesting and intriguing. They are spaced and cross at just the right points to make the proportions of the design balanced and tight. Particular attention has been paid to ensure that all the lines and surfaces look and feel like a they have an energetic tension.